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The Solo Menu

Solo Nachos- Feeling like a Smuggler, Scoundrel, or Hero? How about the captain of the Millennium Falcon? Then try for a limited time Solo Nachos. Tortilla Chips, Nacho Cheese, BBQ Sauce, Smoked Pulled Pork, Sour Cream, and Jalapenos. $9.50 + Tax
Wookiee Sandwich- Not feeling like a Smuggler or Scoundrel? Feeling like Chewbacca? We have something special for you Wookiees: pulled pork smoked for 8 hours topped with BBQ sauce. $6.75 + Tax
Lando Pepperoni Rolls- Were you the original owner of the Millennium Falcon? Did you gamble it away? Then take a gamble on some oven baked Lando Pepperoni Rolls (50ct). Includes (3) Cups of Ranch Dressing $10.75 + Tax
Smuggler Combo- Feeling hungry like a smuggler? Try our Solo Nachos with (1) Large Drink. $11.25 + Tax
Millennium Falcon Combo- Want to travel the infamous Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs? You can with a Wookiee Sandwich, your choice of chips, and (1) Pickle. Includes (1) Large Drink. $11.50 + Tax
Rebel Alliance- Do you have an army to feed? We can help with that. Your choice of Pizza, which includes Lando Pepperoni Rolls (50ct) with (3) cups of ranch to dip. Includes (2) large drinks. $23.50 + Tax
Hyper-Speed Shaved Ice- Want to know how cold it is in space? How about at hyper speed? Now you can with our limited time polar punch. The cool flavors will bounce off your tongue with every bite, ensuring to cool you off from head to toe. Did we say it’s neon blue?
Small: $2.00        Large: $3.00

Extra Pulled Pork: $4.50    Extra Sour Cream: $0.50
Extra BBQ Sauce: $0.50    Extra Cup of Ranch: $0.50

All Pizza and Lando Pepperoni Rolls delivered to your car!
Limited time offers
Once these items are gone they will no longer be sold
Movie Special Only!